The 6 Worst Oils To Cook With and What Should You Use Instead?

Someone pouring oil into a cooking pan

What Makes Some Oils Dangerous When Cooking? Most people use cooking oils regularly in all sorts of dishes, but did you know that some oils are worse for your health when you heat them? Determining the healthiest cooking oil all depends on the type of cooking you’re doing. An oil’s smoke point is “the threshold … Read more

Succession star James Cromwell SUPERGLUES himself to counter of New York City Starbucks in protest

Actor James Cromwell took part in a PETA protest on Tuesday which was livestreamed on the organization's Facebook page

Succession star James Cromwell has superglued himself to a Starbucks counter in protest at the coffee company charging more for vegan milk. The actor, who plays Cousin Greg’s grandfather on the show, took part in the PETA demonstration Tuesday. Cromwell famously became a vegetarian and animal rights activist after he starred in 1995’s Babe as … Read more